River View Hotel is located in 284 2/4, Ha Phuoc, Phuoc Vinh – Dist. Nha Trang Cai River nestled gentle, cool breeze all year round seasons. From River View Hotel, the entire city of Nha Trang Bay and collapse in your eyes.

River View Hotel Nha Trang consists of two main zones: Zone hotel with 35 standard rooms and 3 star Nam An restaurant possesses a wide open space, achieving appropriate moment to organize wedding parties, gala, serving tourists … with special menus and rich. The accompanying utilities, such as conference rooms – accommodating 150 guests workshops, karaoke rooms and modern services for sightseeing tours island, the famous tourist destination in Nha Trang … make comedy heart of the most demanding travelers.

River View Hotel include 2 main types of rooms: Superior and Superior Senior with full modern amenities: air conditioning, bathroom shower, refrigerator, wardrobe, desk, cable TV, internet cord, international phone … along with the dedicated service and friendly staff, you will feel the same period of convalescence the mission becomes more meaningful and complete when the River View.


In the space airy and completely open to nature, inspired a full line of fresh air from the Cai River, Nam An restaurant can accommodate more than 200 guests will be the ideal choice for weddings, dinner parties, welcomes birthday or group. Our team of professional chefs with years of experience will give you the choice of the rich, fascinating specialty of the region from the sea or the delicious tingle made ​​known restaurant brands such as: Fish Mai Nam An, Nam An Egg Rolls, Baked Lemon discus.